katie aldington ceramics

Katie Aldington Ceramics

Born and educated in Oxfordshire, Katie Aldington studied for her BA Hons in Industrial ceramics at Middlesex University. In London in the late 80’s and 90’s, she worked to commission, designing and decorating bespoke tile panels for private clients and interior decorators. When the fashion for highly decorative interiors waned, she headed to North Wales where she drew inspiration from her surroundings and translated her designs into 3D onto plates, bowls and jugs.

She indulged in her love of her rural surroundings, immortalising her managerie; her rescued Guinea fowl her trademark to this day.

Katie hand paints original designs, which are produced into glaze transfers. Attaching and placing of the decals and fine detailing is all done by hand and pieces are fired, sometimes several times in her kiln. She uses only fine bone china, which as the name implies is the most delicate to look at, but made extremely tough and durable by the addition of bone - they are incredibly robust and completely dishwasher proof.

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