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Amanda Coleman Jewellery - Mouse Pendant with Amethyst Briolette in Silver

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Amanda Coleman Jewellery - Mouse Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver with Amethyst Briolette

This gorgeously cute mouse 925 sterling silver pendant by Amanda Coleman features a small amethyst briolette on a very fine chain. The little mouse is scurrying around chasing the little purple amethyst briolette bead. The width of the mouse is 1.8cm and the overall length is approximately 43cm.

Amanda Coleman and her team of highly skilled craftsmen pour passion into creating each and every piece of jewellery, with each piece handmade in the UK. This 925 sterling silver jewellery is perfect for those with an allergy to normal plated jewellery. A briolette is an elongated pear-shaped gemstone which has been cut with facets.

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that is a spectacular purple colour. It is the birthstone of February and was believed by the ancient Greeks to protect the wearer from drunkenness and keep a balanced mindset.

To keep your silver jewellery in tip top condition, use a silver dip which should be washed off immediately after use, do not use abrasive cleaners. The semi-precious gems in this piece shold be cleaned with a soft brush and soapy water. Keep your jewellery stored seperately with chains fastened to avoid tangling. If you need repairs or maintenance to your Amanda Coleman jewellery, please contact us.

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