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Archipelago - Handcarved Wooden Seabass Bunch

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Archipelago - Handcarved Wooden Seabass Bunch

A bunch of three hand painted and carved wooden sea bass by Archipelago are hanging on a string. These fish measure 24cm long and are perfect for hanging in a kitchen or nautical themed room.

The European Sea Bass is a beautiful bristling predator regarded as the premier maritime sport fish in the UK. It is widespread in all warm European seas and in the UK mainly in southern and western coastal waters, but as a result of global warming its range is increasing northward and it is now frequently found in the North Sea. The predatory bass uses its great speed to capture smaller fish and prawns swimming fast with fins clamped down, but as soon as it brakes, the spiny dorsal fin rises to maintain stability.

With its increasing popularity as a gourmet delicacy, bass numbers are declining as s result of overfishing in the 1990's and efforts are being made by sea anglers to introduce conservation measures.

Length: 24cm

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