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Butler and Peach - Miniature Frog in Cold Cast Bronze

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Butler and Peach - Miniature Frog in Cold Cast Bronze

A quirky miniature frog by Butler and Peach made in solid bronze using the lost wax method. Frogs have powerful back legs that act like springs and this bronze perfectly captures the stance of a frog ready to leap into the air. This small sculpture is 40mm high and is encapsulates the motion of this fascinating amphibian.

Each minature bronze by Butler and Peach is presented in an elegant box with pouch and authentication certificate making it a stunning gift. This bronze frog is super for those that admire British wildlife and amphibians, particularly frogs. These bronze pieces are easy to keep clean, just buff with a soft cloth or brush.

The lost-wax process, also called “cire-perdue” is a method of metal casting where a molten metal is poured into a mold that has been created using a wax model. Once the mold is made, the wax model is melted and drained away. A hollow core can be created by introducing a heat-proof core that prevents the molten metal from totally filling the mold. The lost-wax method dates from the 3rd millennium BC and has changed very little since then.

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