bob crooks glass

Bob Crooks Glass

One of Britain’s most highly regarded glassmakers, Bob Crooks creates wonderfully dynamic forms. He has been crafting his stunning pieces for more than 25 years and constantly explores new ideas. Working from Devon, he makes every piece by hand. No moulds are used to produce the beautiful forms and surfaces that he achieves.

Background & Education

Bob Crooks studied at West Surrey College of Art & Design. During his course he took a year out to work at Glassworks (London) Ltd as an assistant to Ronnie Wilkinson, former Master Glassmaker of Whitefriars Glassworks. Bob later became Workshop Manager at Glassworks before setting up his own studio in 1990.


Bob’s pieces are inspired by geometry, architecture, the natural world and man-made creations. He loves to explore the qualities and capabilities of his medium and experiments with the reflection and refraction of light, opacity and the power of colour. He has exhibited internationally and his work is highly collectable.

Bob Crooks Glass at Eva Kingston

At Eva Kingston, we are thrilled to be able to showcase the fabulous work of Bob Crooks. Our range features his gorgeous scent bottles in a variety of wonderful colours. These pieces exhibit an incredible dynamism and flow which really draws the eye. They are made using traditional glass making techniques and as each bottle is handmade, no two pieces are ever exactly the same.

Bob Crooks’ memorable, striking and highly original work is a worthy investment. We are sure that you will treasure your chosen scent bottle and each of these outstanding pieces would be the most fabulous gift for any occasion.

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