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Chloe Harford - Glazed and Amazed

We invite you to enjoy the wonderful work of Chloe Harford! Chloe studied Design Crafts at Plymouth College of Art and Design and met her partner Chris Hawkins whilst she was at college. Chris is a potter and inspired Chloe to learn more about ceramics. She started by crafting brooches and necklaces and then began sculpting her gorgeous animals, drawing inspiration from the wildlife in the countryside surrounding her workshop.

The workshop is located on the banks of the Tamar in an area which is rich in minerals including tin, copper and tungsten. Chloe uses these in her beautiful glazes and colours. All of her characterful pieces are Raku fired.

What is Raku?

The Raku method of firing ceramics originated in Japan. Pieces are sculpted and then mineral rich glaze is used. The ceramics are rapidly fired until incredibly hot and removed from the kiln whilst they are still glowing. Each piece is then placed in a container of sawdust which combusts and the shock of this process causes the glaze to craze. The pieces are covered and left to cool and the smoke from the burning sawdust penetrates the crazed glazing to create the distinctive black lines. Raku firing is time consuming and certainly not for the fainthearted!

Chloe Harford Ceramics at Eva Kingston

Chloe Harford’s hares, ducks, penguins and seals are all fabulous pieces with a unique look and genuine personality. We are delighted to showcase each and every one of them here at Eva Kingston. Whether you are searching for a fabulous decorative piece for your own home or for an exceptional gift for family and friends, you will find something irresistible in this collection.

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