Mia Sarosi ceramics

Mia Sarosi Ceramics

Mia Sarosi works with porcelain in her studio in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire producing handmade and hand painted, functional and decorative ceramic pieces. Each piece is unique as no moulds or transfers are used. Mia Sarosi ceramics are made from porcelain clay which gives her creations a subtle translucency. Although her pieces look delicate and are finished with stunning free-brushwork designs, they are in fact very practical ceramics suitable for everyday use.

Mia's artistic skills are largely a self-taught. In 1991 she began painting for a ceramics company specialising in English Delftware where she developed her freehand brushwork. After many years Mia decided to teach herself to throw pots. She began learning from other potters, honing her painting techniques and started designing her own wonderful ceramics. She became a Craftsman Highly Commended Newcomer at The British Craft Fair in 2003, went on to gain a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship and display works at Christies and Fortnum and Mason.

Each of Mia's contemporary ceramics are crafted and painted by hand. The porcelain clay is hand thrown onto a potter's wheel where it is carefully shaped into a jug, a bowl, a pourer or one of the many other functional pieces in Mia's collection. After firing the ceramics are hand painted with designs inspired by animals, botanical themes or even fireworks.

The imperfections tell a story of the handmade process and gives each piece its own identity. Mia Sarosi ceramics capture the tiny quirks and subtle properties that make her pieces so alluring.

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