paul jenkins ceramic sculptures

Paul Jenkins Ceramic Sculptures

Born in the West Midlands, Paul Jenkins is a highly regarded and much collected artist who began his career in the 1970s. He initially favoured sculpting in wood and later found himself drawn to clay and wax. After studying ceramics at Dudley College of Art, Paul’s talent was clear and he worked as a designer for several notable organisations around the world including the Metropolitan Museum in New York. We are pleased to feature a fantastic selection of Paul Jenkins ceramic sculptures here at Eva Kingston.

Paul is inspired by the natural world and he particularly loves animals. Many of his pieces are the result of the direct observation of wild animals in their natural habitat. His striking collection of Raku ceramic sculptures features studies of cats, dogs, farm animals and wild animals. Due to the nature of Raku firing, each piece is not only stunning, it is completely unique.

What is Raku?

Raku is a method of firing ceramics which originated in Japan. Pieces are traditionally hand shaped and lead glazes are used. The pieces are removed from the kiln whilst they are still glowing and then allowed to dry and cool outside of the kiln. The combination of the glaze used and the air drying produces the unique finish that characterises Raku.

The process of creating Raku sculptures is time consuming and not for the faint hearted. It takes one week to produce each sculpture.

Paul Jenkins

We are proud to be able to showcase the stunning Raku sculptures of Paul Jenkins. The unique nature and charm of each animal really shines through and the ceramics in this collection boast a special quality which would make them treasured gifts.

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