Animo Glass - hand-etched decorative glassware

Animo Glass

Hand-etched high quality crystal glassware looks gorgeous in any setting and makes a really special gift. Our affordable exquisite decorative glassware from Animo Glass is hand-etched in the UK using traditional sandblasting techniques. The range offers stunning frieze designs inspired by nature as well as a design featuring an extraordinary depiction of London landmarks. Whatever theme you are looking for, there is sure to be a design to suit you.

Animo Glass is a part of Michael Virden Engraved Glass, a leading UK specialist in decorative glass and crystal. Our range of Animo Glass includes their etched crystal bowls, conical and globe vases, water jugs and whisky and highball glasses. Each design is elegant and truly beautiful.

The glassware and crystal is ethically sourced in Europe and hand-etched in the UK. Each piece is both dazzling and enchanting and comes boxed making it a delightful gift or statement piece for your home.

Although safe to put in the dishwasher, to avoid "blooming" and to extend the life of this high quality etched crystal and glassware, it should be washed and dried by hand.

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