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Christin Ranger Jewellery - Milan Silver Ring with Rhodalite and Spessartine size P

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Christin Ranger Jewellery - Milan Silver Ring with Rhodalite and Spessartine

This Milan contemporary ring by Christin Ranger Jewellery has a beautifully texturized band which features three beautiful gemstones.  The central stone is a  rhodolite garnet which is clear purple, it is nestled between two spessartine garnets which are a stunning orange which are all set in a gorgeous 18 carat gold plated bevel. This sumptuous silver ring is both comfortable and luxurious to wear and will make your outfit look perfect. The band is 10mm wide.

This Milan ring is made with sterling 925 silver and 18 carat gold plated bevels, the central stone is a purple rhodolite garnet and the two side stones are orange spessartine garnets. It comes packaged in a pretty green Christin Ranger jewellery box.

To care for your jewellery, either rub using a specialised silver cloth such as Goddards, or a silver dip such as Hagerty. If using a dip, do not leave in the solution for longer than 10 seconds, rinse immediately and dry using a soft cloth. Do not wear silver when work using detergents or when swimming in chlorinated water. Treat your silver well and it will have a long and happy life!

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