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Paul Jenkins - Raku Ceramic Saddleback Pig

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Paul Jenkins - Raku Ceramic Saddleback Pig

Paul Jenkins is an artist with a real talent for capturing the essence of his subject and this stunning Raku Ceramic Saddleback Pig is no exception, with its floppy ears and characteristic markings. Hand-crafted and unique, a raku ceramic animal sculpture by Paul Jenkins looks beautiful in any home and makes a stunning and personal gift for nature lovers.

Paul uses a specially formulated clay to make his sculptures and the process takes approximately a week to complete. Each sculpture is fired three times in a kiln, after the third and final firing, the sculpture is placed in a container of combustible materials which results in the unpredicatble crackle glaze which makes each piece unique.

This Raku Ceramic Saddleback Pig measures 15cm high with a width of 26cm and depth of 11cm. Due to the unique nature of these sculptures, measurements are approximate.

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