London Art Prints by Melvyn Evans

Melvyn Evans - London Art Prints

Melvyn Evans draws inspiration from the London landscape and has produced hugely popular limited edition linocuts of views from the Thames shoreline with The Globe and St Pauls in the backdrop. His latest London offering is 'Tugboats on the Thames'. Some of Melvyn's wonderful London art prints, 'London Thames People and Tides' and 'Secret London', were entries in the SERCO prize for illustration, with 'London Thames People and Tides' winning the Silver award in 2011. Both of these illustrations are available as unlimited digital prints.

Featuring a range of iconic buildings and symbols as well as combining the historical with the new; these eye catching art prints of London scenes certainly explore our sense of place. Block colour and bold lines work together with elements of texture to create exciting illustrations that keep you looking back to discover more.

Melvyn Evans captures an unusual viewpoint of London with his 'View of The Globe' and 'View of St Pauls'. These famous London buildings are depicted in the background, with the majority of the image being focused on the edge of the river Thames, where a collection of found objects litter the shore. What appears to be old clay pipes, broken combs, jewellery, crockery and many more abandoned items tell a story of the city over time.

This collection of Melvyn Evans' London art prints offers an intriguing perspective on the capital city and it's landscape, as well as making wonderful additions to any collection.

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